Phone Holder Grip-Stand


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Full color popping phone grip-stand for mobile phone. Suitable for All smartphones and tablets. Easily secure the phone stand grip to the back of your mobile device and use it as you need. Each unit comes with reliable 3M adhesive on the rear for damage free adhesion/attachment to your device.

This mobile phone grip itself allows you to hold on to your phone with ease without any fear of dropping it and it slides well between fingers for extra grip during phone calls, or taking a perfect selfie. It can be used as a desktop stand to mount your phone upright on surface. Comes with endless convenience


Size: 4cm x 4cm x 0.75cm
Material: ABS+TPU with 3M Adhesive

Model compatibility: Universal and compatible with any smartphone and/or mobile device


Pop Socket

Additional information

Weight .90 oz

Black, Blue, Pink, Captain Shield


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